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  • Without ADHD getting in the way
  • Master marketing
  • Get new clients
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Let me guess. You've thought about creating a course for a while now.

I thought about it for 17 years. In 2004, I heard my first Tony Robbins' CD — and said, "I want to do that!"

But undiagnosed Inattentive ADHD had different ideas. 😥

By 33, I had failed at two coaching and training businesses.

My wife also left me.

And I was earning minimum wage.

(Jealous of my life, yet? 😝)

Fast forward a few years.

Fast forward a few years and I have a six-figure business. I even started it while working a full-time Fortune 500 job!

And I almost failed again this time...

Because of the neurotypical playbook.

You see, when I started my business, I spent months filling out worksheets on my:

  • Vision
  • Customer avatar
  • Brand
  • Unique selling proposition

And they turned out to be… A supreme waste of time.

Sure, it'd be nice to know all those things.

But I didn't have enough experience at that stage to know the right answer.

(And when I create a plan, I rarely follow it.)

But the neurotypical playbook said I needed to do these things.

So I spent months working on my plan, paralyzed by my need to get it right.

Everything changed when I abandoned the neurotypical playbook.

I implemented ADHD-friendly approaches to planning, productivity, and process.

And I went from procrastination to action.

From indecision to making stuff happen.

But no one tells us ADHDers this.

We're told to follow the neurotypical coaching playbook, and think we're failures when it doesn't work for us.

"I've accomplished more than I have in weeks, months and even years. Things that I've been trying to do for years, I've been able to do in the last few weeks." - Haumea H., Coach

😔 Growing a business (with ADHD) is confusing! 😔

You might be thinking:

  • Where do I even start?
  • What if I get bored?
  • What will people say?
  • I hate marketing — and sales.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube... HUH!?!?


  • Getting mentored in social media by someone with 100,000+ followers
  • Getting pricing help from an entrepreneur who achieved 6-figure revenue in year one
  • Having a mentor for your online course who has done three consecutive 5-figure launches
  • Taking daily action on your business with my proven accountability system
  • Casting off the overwhelm, guilt, and decision paralysis keeping you stuck
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Within a Month I Launched a Blog and Published 15 Articles!

"Within my first month of Aron's coaching I launched a blog, published 15 blog articles, created content for my social media pages all while maintaining my Communications Consultancy job."

Tassia, Marketing Communication Specialist, Maryland

Best Decision I've Ever Made

"Participating in Aron's program goes right up there as one of the best decisions I have EVER made. Even though I have challenges at home I still felt better about myself and life!"

Mamta, Business Consultant, California


The investment in weekly mentoring is $1,997/month, cancel anytime. If you cancel mid-month, you get a refund for all unused weeks. The package includes weekly 45-minute coaching sessions, weekly status emails, daily accountability texts, and access to the Productivity Transformation Academy training content.


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NOTE: I'll only take you on as a client if I am confident you can earn back your investment quickly. I must agree to take you on as a mentee so let's assess fit on a call together.

Simple Tools for Undiagnosed ADHDers

"I’ve been suffering from undiagnosed ADHD, and Aron gave me simple tools I’ve been able to implement into my day easily."

Dmitri, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

You DON'T:

  • Need a big following
  • Need a website
  • Need an email list
  • Need to feel confident in your skills


More Progress in a Few Weeks than the Last Few Years!

"I made more progress on my business in the past 3 weeks than I did in the past 3 years with this approach."

A. Larsen, Small Business, Denmark