Coaching and Training to Take Control of ADHD

Receive the latest and most effective results-driven training and mentorship from a Harvard-trained ADHDer with a Master’s degree in Coaching Psychology. Learn my tried and tested system for consistent productivity.

  • Start that side hustle
  • Finish that project
  • Be massively productive


Are you sick of...?

Doing Work You Hate

You want purpose and meaning in what you do.

Chronic Procrastination

You know what to do but just can't get yourself to do it!

Putting Yourself Last

You're sick of being a cog in everyone else's goals.

Watching Time Fly

You thought you'd be further along by now.

Consistent Productivity is Hard with ADHD...

I'm Aron and I know how difficult productivity is. Eight years ago I was broke, divorced, and earning minimum wage. My average job tenure was nine months.

Once I started using what became the 8% Productivity Habit, I got promoted 4 times in six years. Most recently, I excelled at an $8 billion Fortune 500 company as a senior manager. While working in that full-time role, I used the 8% Productivity Habit to write over 20 articles, film over 50 YouTube videos, build two products, read over 75 books, and grow an audience of over 120,000 so that I could jump ship.

About me:

  • Master’s in Coaching Psychology
  • Coached and trained thousands
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Harvard graduate


When you stop these habits, your productivity will skyrocket.

This guide contains ADHD-friendly strategies so you can stop procrastinating, beat the overwhelm, and get sh&t done!

But it is Achievable

"I've accomplished more than I have in weeks, months and even years. Things that I've been trying to do for years, I've been able to do in the last few weeks." - Haumea H., Coach

What Participants Say About My Programs

"I was a life-long procrastinator and felt hopelessly enslaved by my ADHD. But within 8 weeks, I have turned my life around - I developed skills to hack my brain for productivity, met some fantastic people, and I landed a new job!"

- Pat (Data Analyst, NC)

"Participating in the PTA goes right up there as one of the best decisions I have EVER made. Even though I have challenges at home I still felt better about myself and life!"

- Mamta (Business Consultant, California)

"Aron’s program is just what I need right now and I feel really lucky to have run into it when I did. After completing my first PTA, I have renewed hope for the first time in a very long time that my goals and dreams won’t just end up in the ADHD landfill."

- Estella (Picture Book Writer & Illustrator)