Business Productivity with ADHD

Coaching Program

Learn how to be productive in your business with your favorite Harvard ADHDer.

Sample 8-Week Program

Timeframe varies based on your goals, your needs, and how much work you do outside of sessions.

Week 1: Understand the 5 most common ADHD productivity mistakes
Week 2: Review your 3 foundational systems: task system, calendar system, reminder system
Week 3: Do my peak time assessment and see how to make tough tasks easier with it
Week 4: Identify the “tough tasks” that are between you and progress
Week 5: Create willpower-free change through designing your environment
Week 6: Learn how to create highly valuable output through the principles of deep work
Week 7: Review the ever-important variables of sleep, diet, and exercise
Week 8: Discuss tracking and other hacks for consistent productivity

How You'll Make Changes


  • 1:1 Coaching Session with Aron (45 minutes)
  • The $997 Productivity Transformation Academy training materials
  • Weekly homework
  • Daily accountability texts with Aron (optional but included)

Client Requirements

  • Must agree to do homework
  • Must be coachable
  • Must be committed to trying new things

Weekly Coaching

4 sessions/month

  • Access to the Productivity Transformation Academy Training Materials
  • Weekly Sessions (4 every month)
  • Optional Accountability Texts
  • Optional Accountability Buddy Pairing
  • Cancel anytime for a prorated refund
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