About Hidden ADHD

Meet Aron Croft.

Aron appeared to have it all when he got into Harvard. But that was the beginning of his demise. He struggled nonstop for 15 years until he was broke, divorced, and earning minimum wage, failing out of his first 7 jobs and businesses.

After getting a Master's degree in Coaching Psychology and a diagnosis of Inattentive ADHD, he built a successful Fortune 500 career. Then, he decided to pursue his passion for helping others, so he started a side hustle, which turned into over 100,000 social media followers and his full time job, pulling in 6 figures in year one.

Aron has one mission: to empower ADHDers to get sh*t done without ADHD getting in the way. How? With less trial and error, through his 8% Productivity Habit.

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