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Is this you...?

Time-Warp Procrastinator

You possess a unique superpower: the ability to distort time and space. You can turn a simple task that should take 15 minutes into an all-day event.

Project Pinballer

You bounce from one project to another like a pinball, always ricocheting toward the next bright, shiny idea.

Chaotic Creative

Your extraordinary ideas often get tangled in a messy web of unfinished projects and misplaced to-do lists, leaving you more like a mad scientist in a cluttered laboratory than a productive innovator.

What if the following describes you in just a few weeks?

Focused Finisher

You can direct your efforts towards completing tasks and projects with precision and determination, making those shiny ideas a tangible reality.

Goal-Smashing Conqueror

With newfound dedication and strategic planning, you stay on track and bring your projects to fruition, leaving no stone unturned in your quest for success

Balanced Visionary

You now expertly balance your brilliant ideas with effective organization and planning, bringing your innovative projects to life in a streamlined and productive manner.

Dive into expert-crafted checklists, cheat sheets, and video training to streamline your daily life. Stay accountable and motivated with our dedicated teams, and connect with like-minded individuals in our thriving community. Transform your productivity and embrace your unique abilities today!

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With PTA, you will get…

Coaching EVERY Week for 6 Months

2 drop-in calls... Every. Single. Week.

6 Months of PTA Core - FREE

You can join any five-day challenges to get even more done! Or as a break from the eight-week challenges.

Daily Accountability Team

Get support from like-minded teammates who are also re-wiring their productivity.

Daily Tracking

Our AI-powered assistant will track your progress – and even nudge you if you miss a task!

Fun 8-Week Challenge

Step-by-step roadmap of how you will overcome procrastination. Easy as 1,2,3!

Study Halls Weekly

Make anti-procrastination easy through the power of body doubling. Work with your fellow students.

Not satisfied with your transformation?

Your success is our mission. That's why we offer an unprecedented guarantee. If you don’t think the program has been worth every single penny, our 'Double or Nothing Guarantee' kicks in. We'll work with you for up to 6 additional months at no extra charge. Just email our team to let us know.

Hear from our students!

"It’s surprising, but now I feel capable, confident, and in control. I was able to massively upgrade my lifestyle by achieving my goal of a new job — and I jumped several years ahead in seniority."

- Chris (Corporate Sales, Canada)

"I was gun shy about trying another program.
Aron’s system is the only system that has worked for me. I would recommend PTA to anyone when nothing else has worked."

- Toxey (Business Owner, AL)

"I made more progress on important goals in 8 weeks than I did in the previous 7 years. I realized I couldn't have moved forward without the support of a group that backed me. The progress wasn’t even the biggest benefit…"

- Russ (Electrical Engineer, US)