Productivity Transformation Academy

When can I start?

We don't run programs on a fixed schedule. If a program is open for registration now, I can't guarantee when or if we will run the program again.

This is for two reasons.

  • This program's popularity has exploded as of late so each class attracts more students than I expect.
  • Because I am personally committed to every student's success, I don't run another program until I'm sure our current students will succeed.

If the program is open for registration, I recommend reserving your spot now, even if the timing isn't perfect since you'll have 6 months to leverage the program.

If registration has ended, put your email on the waitlist to get notified in the future

What if I don’t like the program?

We're so confident that PTA Mastery will be a game-changer for you, we back it up with our unmatched "Double or Nothing Guarantee."

How the "Double or Nothing Guarantee" Works:

  • Enroll: Join PTA Mastery and engage with the program.
  • Evaluate: Not satisfied by month 4? Activate the guarantee.
  • Extend: Get up to 6 more months free, in 2-month chunks, until you’re satisfied.

What if I buy this and don't do follow through?!

I hear you. I am a chronic procrastinator who hates using willpower. I built this for myself because I wanted productivity without pain.

This program uses every psychological trick in the book to get you into action — so productivity can become pain-free, easy, and automatic. Here are just a few:

  • 4 person Accountability Buddy Teams: You’ll get supported by goal-driven ADHD teammates
  • Habit Psychology: You'll build a daily productivity habit where doing tough tasks becomes easy
  • Personalized Coaching: 2x per week group coaching calls where you can get laser coaching
  • Personal Check-In: Program staff with contact you personally if you haven't started within a month
  • Regular Study Halls: Use body doubling to get stuff done while getting to know people outside your team
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Does my location matter (outside USA)?

If you are concerned that you don't live in the U.S., don't worry. The program is designed for students in all time zones, and we've had participants from all over the world (Europe, Asia, Australia). Here are some of the ways we make things work for students, regardless of their location:

  • Your team meeting will be at a timeslot you select (ranging from 9am to 8pm US Eastern Time)
  • Your team interacts online, so as long as you can get online, your time zone won't matter
  • The training videos are also available online 24/7
  • If you can't attend the live coaching calls (typically between 1pm and 7pm US Eastern Time), you just submit your question beforehand and listen to the recording for my answer

If you have lingering concerns about international participation, send us an email. We'll let you contact a student in your region to ask them your questions.

When are the team meetings (and coaching calls)?

It's impossible to find perfect times for every person, but we do our best to accommodate as many time zones and personal situations as possible. Here are the current times (as of Mar 2023):

  • Weekly team meeting times to choose from: Mondays at 9am, 2pm, 4pm, 8pm or 10pm US Eastern Time (convert to your time zone). Meetings are 45 minutes weekly.
  • Drop-in coaching call times: Tuesday with Aron at 3pm, Friday with Aron at 1pm. All times in US Eastern Time (convert to your time zone).

While occasionally we can accommodate requests for other team meeting times, if the program speaks to you, I encourage you to adjust your schedule to make things work.

What's the time commitment? I'm really busy!

I'm busy, so I built this program for busy people like you! You can get fantastic results in the program with an average of just 15 minutes a day! Here are your core responsibilities when doing the 8-week challenge:

  • Weekly training video + assignment (45 min weekly)
  • Meet with your Accountability Team (45 min weekly)
  • Report to your team on Tough Task minutes (15 min weekly)

How will I recoup my investment in the program?

Easy! Your ability to be productive determines how much you accomplish and earn. Just think for a minute... Would a more productive version of you be able to earn an extra $1/hour in salary? If so, you would make $2,000 extra per year off this skill for a one-time investment. Developing this habit is like popping a Limitless Pill.

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